Advanced Form Authoring

Create your custom form using our simplified drag and drop system! With 6 standard components which consist of:

1. Input Field 4. Radio Button
2. Paragraph Text 5. Dropdown List
3. Check Box 6. HTML Content

We also provide customizable form validations like: number only, must be filled, etc. Attach your file directly to the form so it will be stored to the server! To provide the security of the form against spam bot, we provide reCaptcha to ensure the protection of the form.

Entry Viewing

Search and filter your own defined form fields! Simplify the entry list by quick search the corresponding forms.

With the functionality as follows:

  1. List entries submitted by user
  2. View Submission Status
  3. Filter entries based on fields determined by user
  4. Export Entry as a CSV file

Find simplicity when searching your entries!

Email Notification

Setup your email so the submitted form can notified to your email!

Enjoy this feature advantages on follows:

  1. Notify user for submission result!
  2. Notify author of the form when there are form submission so the author keeps up to date for form data!

Find simplicity when searching your entries!