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Pronounce as "optimum", OpTmm Asset Management solution is purpose built to assist in the management of the maintenance and servicing of your organization assets. Be it IT assets, Plants, Oil & Gas facilities, Campus or Buildings management.

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The features list as follows:

  1. [Mapping | Showing Map] all of your site
  2. Present current Key Performance Index of your company with various charts
  3. Dashboard Report
  4. Notification!

Application Hierarchy

With this simple hierarchy, understand the structure of your organization and company! ( represents has many)

Organization   Company  Site  Location  Rack   Bin

Enjoy our simplified system, drag and drop your component to the field and you will see that component!

Main Features

Item master, inventory, and asset recording

  • Recording item category, Item specification, Inventory base on site, location, rack, bin
  • Asset type, status
  • Inventory adjustment, inventory stock take, inventory usage
  • Recording inventory adjustment, Inventory stock take, Inventory usage / issue / transfer
  • Recording asset meter and monitoring point
  • Recording planned work order, actual work order with material and services
  • Planning scheduling for maintenance and work order based on calendar

These easy and simple mechanism will help a lot on creating new website!


Running Jobplan from Preventive Maintenance or Master Preventive Maintenance from Scheduler Module (only accessed from desktop version)


  • Report can generate from Report Generator
  • Report can used by user from Report Viewer