Next generation CMS build on Full-Stack Javascript that features static site generation. Targeting mobile, tablet, and large screen displays.

Your Website Your Page

Create your own custom page with our page editor. Customize your page by decide its URL, content, theme, and even color scheme. We provide awesome eligible template themes to use! Color Scheme itself until now consists of:

  • Leaf 
  • Ocean 
  • Grape 
  • Sand 
  • Fulfill your customization desire with our page editor utilizing Bootstrap supported mechanism!

    Custom Layout

    Use our custom layout that based on column and row to create a layout that you want. Utilizing Bootstrap Column System which may determining size of the content up to 12, locate the component wherever you want!


    Enjoy our simplified system, drag and drop your component to the field and you will see that component!

    Media Gallery

    Store your picture in the media gallery just for simply put it there or to put the image into your own website. Do the following step to store your photo:

    1. Create new album
    2. Upload Photo to specified album
    3. Now you can use that photo on component which will be put on the page!

    These easy and simple mechanism will help a lot on creating new website!

    Choices of Content Layout

    Lot of choices of content layout that can maximize your website user interface and functionality. Countless layouts to choose, where image/content is on left, center, or right! Not only that, special layouts are prepared also on following :

    1. Google Map layout, with customizable coordinates suit to your own need
    2. Carousel Image layout, insert bunch of images, and they can alternately showing
    3. Predefined W3O layout, specially designed with improved user interface and reusable

    Choose your layout, put your layout on page, and enjoy maximum performance on user interface and functionality!

    Use Your Preferences for Creating Text

    Use either WYSIWYG editor or Markdown Editor to create your content and maximize your content text.

    1. Richtext Editor (WYSIWYG) can be used by beginner user, where they can customize the content text and image only using functional button. Click and enjoy the result!
    2. Markdown Editor is new kind of editor, where user can type the content directly, supported by HTML tags made the content more customizable!

    By adhering to simplicity, our content editor is smooth and easy to use , even from beginner to advanced users!